19/10/2017 3:35pm
Our paper "Behaviour-Data Relations Modeling Language For Multi- #Robot Control Algorithms" now available to read!… [LINK]
18/10/2017 2:15pm
LEGO's new Women of NASA kit. Great learning for both kids and adults @LEGOIdeas [LINK] [LINK]
17/10/2017 11:01am
Nice open-call #reserch #fellowships programmes at LMU Munich [LINK]
16/10/2017 3:09pm
#robots that can merge and split their collective architecture (but the article title is preposterous @IEEESpectrum) [LINK]
13/10/2017 1:46pm
RT @MMGiuliani: First demo of our new human-robot interaction setup. Come visit us at @BristolRobotLab to have a look 😀. [LINK]

[Have I Met an Android?]

Added on 17/09/2015
Tags: robotics :: games :: AI :: A-Life

I was browsing game discussion forums on Steam for Satellite Reign (great game, by the way) and came across a post that did not make much sense:

When I went to the petition link itself, I was even more confused. It said this:

1. Do not put the game on pause, because do not have an active player (an available option in the menu). And not just a categorical decision to remove from the game.It interferes with play?I turned off. Went to eat or engage in cleaning the house, we need to make the game work without pauses? Turned On. This option is in the game, to avoid creating programs autoclickers. Autoclicker can be used by hackers to spread viruses;

2. Allow the players in the alpha release (after August 28) to evaluate the official translation, before it is officially established in the game (for all languages except English).

It allows players to play as it is convenient: 5 minutes, 5 hours or 25 hours a day. Man knows that after some time, the game will bring him greater pleasure with this functionality, than without it.

It was about 2:30 am, my mind had already forgotten about the day's work and I was feeling creative. So I decided to push the subject and tell the person I though he was a bot that someone was testing for a Turing test:

I honestly still can't tell if I met an AI or not. But who could? Yes, the guy was supposedly from Russia. But remember, the first program to pass the Turing test pretended to be a small Ukrainian boy, which made people less suspicious about mistakes in its language. Is it possible that other people are testing other programs on the Internet to get data from interactions with people?

All that we can do is wonder and muse. But that's what makes this age of Internet and technology fun, isnt't it?

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