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[Stardust Colonies Web Site Is Launched!]

Added on 31/05/2013
Tags: swarm :: games :: C++ :: AI

I have finally launched web site for my strategy game Stardust Colonies. Unlike in most strategy games, you get to control minions who have their job preferences and will behave differently based on what you tell them to do. Also, you don't train units in buildings but clone existing ones, which I think feels more natural to the player. Finally, your units die so you have to keep cloning otherwise all is lost.

Stardust Colonies is based on Alien Farm, which was a game for my Bachelor's dissertation project. While it has the same graphics, I have done a lot of improvements in terms of game play and bug fixing. SC features 4 campaign missions and a random map, where objectives are different each time. I am really excited about this project, since I love games and games development. I do not only get to program and create something new, I also get to write a story and create my own graphics. I might give it a try with making music as well, although I might have to find somebody for helping with that.

Because of my first year doing a PhD, I had to abandon the project for over half a year, but now I am getting back to it. I have just finished the web site, and a downloadable Stardust Colonies Alpha 1.0 version will follow at some point next week. I am really excited about this - I have put a lot of effort in, but I still consider the development fun.

If you are intrigued, why don't you join as a tester now?

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