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A #neural #network can learn to organize the world it sees into concepts [LINK]
14/01/2019 6:46pm
RT @icouzin: Deadline tomorrow for applications for PhD and Postdoc positions in the “Center for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour…
14/01/2019 6:46pm
RT @farscopecdt: We are now accepting applications for PhDs at @BristolRobotLab starting September 2019. See [LINK] for…
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RT @BristolRobotLab: Congratulations!! 🎉🍾 Our old friends @OpenBionics have successfully raised £4.6m from investors incl. F1 team William…
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RT @nekonaute: We are looking for a R&D #engineer in #electronics to design a new robotic platform for #swarmrobotics in #Paris - intereste…

[Robots and Aliens]

Robots Lego Mindstorms C++ AI Added on 01/04/2012

After a couple of releases of my NXC UserInteraction library that has already registered some downloads, I am retracting for a while to C++ until I can afford more sensors for my lego robot. I've decided to revisit Alien Farm, a strategy game I created as a part of my BSC thesis.

I am planning to fix some bugs and make improvements, as well as create a few missions people could play as a campaign demo. Alien Farm could perhaps become a full game one day. Until then, I will have fun creating a world of moody aliens that have a will of their own when it comes to obeying player's commands.

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Stardust Colonies

Stardust Colonies is a strategy game in which player-controlled units are aware of and affected by both their own memory and preferences, as well as by their colony's well-being.

Stardust Colonies

Alien farm has officially become Stardust Colonies, after a game name poll I did on Facebook some time ago. The web site will launch soon so that people can read more about the game and join alpha testing...

Busy working on Alien Farm

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a strategy game with working name 'Alien Farm'. I have done a lot of improvements and bug fixes and almost ready to move to creating a few campaign missions...

NXC UserInteraction Library

The User Interaction (UIn) Library helps you create standard user interfaces (multi-line aligned texts, buttons, menus, etc.) and capture user actions on the NXT brick. The library works with the intelligent brick buttons and keeps all your sensor ports free for your program to use.


The main purpose of pyCreeper is to wrap tens of lines of python code, required to produce graphs that look good for a publication, into functions. It takes away your need to understand various quirks of matplotlib and gives you back ready-to-use and well-documented code.

Novelty detection with robots using the Grow-When-Required Neural Network

The Grow-When-Required Neural Network implementation in simulated robot experiments using the ARGoS robot simulator.