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RT @GTheraulaz: Twenty years ago, Eric Bonabeau, Marco Dorigo and myself wrote the first book ever published on swarm intelligence. I remem…
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End-to-end deep #reinforcement #learning without reward engineering - a nice approach where the #robot asks user fo… [LINK]

[Bouncy Ball]

Date: Dec 1969

Bouncy Ball Technologies used: ActionScript 2

Jump with the bouncy ball through the platforms and collect golden treasures to get to the next level. This game offers three levels to play through. At the beginning of each level, you get a code that can be used later in order to skip to the level using the Load game feature.

Run Bouncy Ball
Controls: The arrow keys

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The main purpose of pyCreeper is to wrap tens of lines of python code, required to produce graphs that look good for a publication, into functions. It takes away your need to understand various quirks of matplotlib and gives you back ready-to-use and well-documented code.

Novelty detection with robots using the Grow-When-Required Neural Network

The Grow-When-Required Neural Network implementation in simulated robot experiments using the ARGoS robot simulator.

Fast Data Analysis Using C++ and Python

C++ code that processes data and makes it available to Python, significantly improving the execution speed.

Designing Robot Swarms

This project looks at the challenges involved in modeling, understanding and designing of multi-robot systems.

Robustness in Foraging E-puck Swarms Through Recruitment

Swarms of five e-puck robots are used in a semi-virtual environment, facilitated by the VICON positioning system. Recruitment can make swarms more robust to noise in robot global positioning data.