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Project date: Dec 2011
Tags: robotics :: Mindstorms

Robogator is a robot alligator that can walk and bite. Two rear legs powered by motors push the robot's body forwards or drag it backwards and wheels at the back and front assist the motion.

The robot has a camera on its head and a motor that controls the jaw is activated when an object is near. In some occasions, the robot will also try to move towards the object while attempting to bite it.

Similarly to Shooterbot, Robogator was built according to the original Mindstorms building instructions and its program was created in NXT-G.

Half-built stage:


Hi Daffus,

both building and programming instructions for Robogator can be found on the CD that comes with the NXT box. I didn't include them here as I am not sure about Lego's copyright policy on this.

You might find this useful, it has building and NXC-programming instructions for all 4 standard Mindstorms robots: http://arbitrarycreations.co.uk/lego/nxt_2_instructions/
Daffdus Romero
i think u should give instructions on how to program ur robot because SOME PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE DIFFICULTIES!!!!!!!!

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