19/10/2017 3:35pm
Our paper "Behaviour-Data Relations Modeling Language For Multi- #Robot Control Algorithms" now available to read!… [LINK]
18/10/2017 2:15pm
LEGO's new Women of NASA kit. Great learning for both kids and adults @LEGOIdeas [LINK] [LINK]
17/10/2017 11:01am
Nice open-call #reserch #fellowships programmes at LMU Munich [LINK]
16/10/2017 3:09pm
#robots that can merge and split their collective architecture (but the article title is preposterous @IEEESpectrum) [LINK]
13/10/2017 1:46pm
RT @MMGiuliani: First demo of our new human-robot interaction setup. Come visit us at @BristolRobotLab to have a look 😀. [LINK]


It is great to build robots. I am mainly a programmer so creating something that is actually physical and exists in the real world is something completely different and new. Also, it is a relief not having to rely on physics engines - things just work the way they are supposed to!

My first robotic projects involved Lego NXT Mindstorms programmed using NXC. However, I always knew I wanted to build the real thing, where the possibilities would only be limited by currently available electronics. Not knowing anything about electronics, I found really good support during my PhD at Southampton. It was with help of Klaus-Peter Zauner and financial help from Jason Noble that enabled me to start learning. The first book I bought was Robot Building for Beginners that takes you through building a simple line-following robot, starting from the very beginnings of what electricity actually is. It took me a while to build the first robot, especially to develop precise motor skills required when handling small components and during soldering.

As I improve robot building becomes increasingly more fun. Most importantly, only imagination is the limit when it comes to robots.



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