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A #neural #network can learn to organize the world it sees into concepts [LINK]
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RT @icouzin: Deadline tomorrow for applications for PhD and Postdoc positions in the “Center for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour…
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Robots Lego Mindstorms Games Date: Mar 2013

A custom-built lego machine for playing pong, featuring two controllers connected to the Mindstorms NXT brick. Programmed using NXC.

Technologies used: C, NXC, CMake, Lego Mindstorms


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Stardust Colonies

Alien farm has officially become Stardust Colonies, after a game name poll I did on Facebook some time ago. The web site will launch soon so that people can read more about the game and join alpha testing...

NXC UserInteraction Library

The User Interaction (UIn) Library helps you create standard user interfaces (multi-line aligned texts, buttons, menus, etc.) and capture user actions on the NXT brick. The library works with the intelligent brick buttons and keeps all your sensor ports free for your program to use.


This is a jigsaw puzzle that was used in the game Mayan Madness. The pieces are placed randomly throughout the screen each time a game starts. Developer can insert pieces of a different image and assemble it from the Flash development environment. The algorithm takes care of the rest - random positioning and testing of the end game state.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders was one of my assignments in the second year of my Undergraduate study. It is coded in C++ and uses OpenGL and DirectX for rendering. This simple 2D shooter is based on the original Space Invaders game and adds some interesting new features.

Galactic War

Become a space ship pilot in Galactic War and shoot the enemies moving in front of you. You can choose from one of the three modes: bullet- restricted, time-restricted and infinite game.


A simple pong game for 2 players. The top player moves with the mouse while the bottom player uses the arrow keys. Score is shown next to each player.