[A small compiler script for C with GCC]

C++ Added on 15/10/2012

One of my favourite classes at the moment is the one where they teach us C. Knowing C already, it is a nice relaxation for Monday morning.

We usually build small C programs that one can compile straight from the command line. This involves calling the GCC compiler with some arguments and then running the program. I therefore built myself a small script that can do this automatically. It will run under Mac OS or Linux.

You can download the build.sh file and put it to a folder that contains your .c file. The script can then be used by running

./build.sh myFileName

where myFileName is name of the .c file without its extension.

The compiled program will be placed into a newly created 'build' folder and called myFileName.out by default. You can change the output file name by using

./build.sh myFileName myOutputFileName

where myOutputFileName is a file name without its extension.

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