[Creeper - Getting Started]

This tutorial helps you to create your own Java project with Creeper. As an alternative solution, you could simply download Creeper with the Demo project and rewrite class and package names within net.lenkaspace.creeper.demo to suit your own needs.

Setup your project

Setup your own project. Typically, your code will be contain in a package that uniquely identifies you and your project. For example, you could set up a package my.name.myProject. This would be an equivalent of creating a directory structure me/name/myproject and pasting your code files withing the myProject directory.

Download Creeper, extract the zip file and copy the 'net' directory (found inside 'src') into the source directory of your own project, so that 'net' and 'my' folders are on the same level. Next, delete directory net/lenkaspace/creeper/creeperDemo - you will not need the demo files.


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