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Version 2.0 (September 2013)

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  • [NEW] CRController is no longer an applet. Instead, the application is now a standalone Java application.
  • [NEW] Your application can now be ran automatically, with parameters set from the command line. This enables running background jobs or jobs on supercomputer clusters. See code for Robot Foraging main class as an example.
  • [NEW] CRSettings was replicated by CRParameters. CRParameters is a singleton and maintains any parameters of the simulation. The singleton can be set to maintain instance of a sublcass to ensure seemless integration of custom parameters with Creeper.
  • [NEW] The possibility to display camera controls in the CRControlPanel in case CRWorld is bigger than displayed screen using setShowViewMovementControls(true). The camera is also controllable by the arrow keys.
  • [NEW] Scenarios mechanism in CRWorld. Simply add the scenarios before CRControlPanel is created (or recreate the CRControlPanel manually) and scenarios drop-down will appear next to the START SIMULATION button. The selected scenario is stored in CRParameters.scenario. For example:
  • public class World extends CRBinWorld {
        public static String TEST = "Test";
        public World(CRController controller_) {
  • Improved collision detection in CRBaseSituatedModel
  • Improved maintanence of previous position in CRBaseDynamicModel
  • [NEW] CRRenderer has a record of more ready-to-use images
  • Minor bug fixes and additions

Version 1.0 (May 2013)



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